Current Clients
The proof is in the pudding so here are some pictures of current clients!

Rudy getting a bath, he looks so thrilled!  This guy makes me laugh any time he is around!  The say boxers are clowns and this fun guy is no different!

One of our rescue dogs and a client Dakota enjoying an ice cream cone on a nice hot summer day!  When we picked Dakota up she was chained outside with no food or water in 90 degree heat.  She is now a spoiled family dog adjusting to daily life!

This is Tyson the greatest pitt to ever live.  He has since left us but he lives on in out hearts.  He is rudys best bud and came for a grooming right when we opened!  He wasnt to thrilled but was a good boy anyway!

I have a special place in my heart for Schnauzers and this girl didn't change that!  She was a pleasure to groom!

I had the pleasure of meeting my first Bernese mountain dog and let me tell you I can not say enough great things about this guy!  If I ever get another salon dog this breed will be in the running!  He was fantastic!

Here is Ms. Sophie she came with me for a groom while I was still in grooming school!  She let me play with some color and we pinked her up, it seemed like it was her color.